End Of Tenancy Cleaning Bow

Changing the rental place is related to a lot of expenses, nerves and deadlines. Let us offload some of this burden and provide you with our end of tenancy cleaning services, which are available in Bow. We are undoubtedly the best provider, since we managed to balance between rates and quality. We won’t charge you an arm and a leg, but at the same time we will provide you with highly-quality performance.

The sanitation of the ex-place is important to get back your deposit and leave with without any problems. Our cleaning techs know how to organise every detail of the cleaning session, so that at last not a cranny will remain unsanitised. Big part of our regular customers are leading letting agencies, which rely on our diligence and hard work.

The other important factor in our job is our professional cleaning equipment. It makes our life much more easier and our work- way more efficient. We know that the most important for the tenants is to get back their deposit and we guarantee for that. We take full responsibility that your final inspection will go smoothly.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Price
Studio Flat from £79
One Bedroom Flat from £137
Two Bedroom Flat from £159
Three Bedroom Flat from £181

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    Fantastic end of tenancy cleaning service, just like I thought. Since my mother recommended it to me, I was sure it would be done to an extremely high standard. The price was also very economical so there was nothing to worry about. The cleaners cleaned absolutely everything. I would use again.

    Exact end of tenancy cleaning services done from professionals

    Everything can be done effortlessly, if you rely on our end of tenancy cleaning services, which we deliver in Bow. We strive to maintain the highest standards in every aspect, and that’s why we included the following:

    Change your rental place with delight and minimum worries with our help. If you are looking to get back your deposit, we are the right choice!

    Our services are carried out by disciplined and strict people, who won’t leave you before everything is sparkling. They are well-familiar with the fact that your deposit is at stake and will do their best to make sure you will get it back.

    Our end of tenancy cleaning services are tailored to be versatile in every aspect, so that we can fit to the schedule even of the most busy residents in Bow. Dial our number and ask for more information. Our customer supporters are non-stop at line, ready to answer all of your questions. Book your peace of mind with us!

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    Interesting Information About Bow

    Bow is a residential district of London and is only a little over 7km east of Charing Cross. A part of the area is actually a part of the Olympic Park. The name of the area is as interesting as its history. The full name of the area used to be Stradford-atte-Bow, meaning Stratford at the Bow, where Bow is the name of a bridge in the area which was built because of king Henry I’s wife. She wanted a three-arched bridge over the Lea River where she used to travel a lot in the area.

    Several churches were built in the area over the years, and one of them the St Mary’s Church is a notable landmark. It has been reconstructed over the years but a part of it is from 1311. Also, a statue of William E. Gladstone and a memorial to George Lansbury (both politicians) are considered to be landmarks in Bow.